The Largo Embargo


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The Largo Embargo is an arcade platformer created by the prestigious independent developer Raul 'ElRoSSo' where you play the pirate Guybrush Threepwood. Your goal: to get all the coins falling from the sky and avoid the snotty handkerchiefs.

The game is set on a bridge that you might recognize if you're ever played Monkey Island 2. This is where you first meet Largo Lagrande, LeChuck's lackey who takes your money.

Booger-filled handkerchiefs fall from the sky, and you'll have to dodge them. They are the same handkerchiefs Largo Lagrande uses to blow his nose, and from them you'll have to get a little bit of fluid to make a voodoo doll.

In The Largo Embargo, you have three lives. Although you can get extra ones by getting the little dolls that fall from the sky along with the handkerchiefs, it's better to just avoid them in the first place.

The Largo Embargo is a fun game, and you can tell it was made by Raul 'ElRoSSo' because of the quality. The attention to detail is great, making for smooth animations throughout the game.
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